Back, neck and posture physiotherapy, rehab, exercise and massage. Bondi Junction.

Located in the heart of Bondi, UprightCare specialises in the diagnosis, therapy & management of back & neck pain, prevention of postural dysfunction using scientific non-surgical, non-invasive technologies & exercise programs and providing long term strategies for structural postural deformities (e.g. scoliosis).

Our Services

Neck & Backpain Specialist, Daily Classes, Long-Term Posture Program, Scoliosis Treatment and more…

Our Team

Physiotherapist specialising in back pain and pregnancy-related pelvic, back and postural pain. Massage Therapist, Exercise Rehab and Yoga Teacher.


Our Methods

Posture Alignment, Schroth and SEAS Method, Exercise Therapy and Posture Improvement

Our Classes

Our classes focus on targeted gentle stretching , movement and strengthening

Australia’s Only Radiation-free Formetric Scanner

We own Australia’s first and only Formetric machine which uses light instead of radiation and x-rays to analyse your spine and posture if needed for your treatment.

The Formetric scans the body with light to create a 3D reconstruction of the spine showing clinical analysis of the body and posture, scoliosis, and all forms of spinal deformities.

It provides comprehensive information for measuring spine curves and rotation as well as diagnosis and tracks your posture changes to allow for expert and functional follow-ups.

We also use our formetric scanner as an integral part in our bone density, osteopenia and osteoporosis management programs.

Try a class today!


Improve your strength, flexibility, balance and mobility with one of our classes. We offer Posture & Movement Classes and Gentle Movement and Stretch Classes, all taught by our physiotherapists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need a referral?

No, referrals are not needed.

What should I bring?

Please bring any relevant X-rays, specialist letters or GP letters if you have them.

How do I get to UprightCare?

We are easy to get to by public transport. We are located inside the Meriton Suites on the corner of Grafton & Grosvenor St, next to the Bondi Junction train station and bus terminal.

Where can I park?

You can park for free for 2 hours in the Westfield car park, which is across the road from UprightCare.

Do you process private health rebates?

Yes. Please bring your health care card with you.

Do you accept allied health care plans?

Yes. (We do not Bulk Bill, but we will send your claim to Medicare to process the rebate for you.)

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes, please be advised Appointments not attended will be charged the full fee.

Do you treat scoliosis?

Yes, we specialise in scoliosis. Please call to book an Initial appointment. Read more about our scoliosis treatment here.

For more information on other conditions that we treat, please click here here.

Address: Suite 8, Level 1,  97 Grafton Street, Bondi Junction NSW 2029