Thank you for your report re xxx. She is doing really well. She has started coming in twice a week now and does her Schroth exercises on 1 day and more of her “pilates” exercises on the other. XXX is still reporting much reduced pain levels. I am doing my best to supervise her exercises even though I dont as yet have any Schroth training. It is on my list to do at some stage. Back at the airport after a very interesting course. I’ve now seen the same faces at these meetings for quite a few years. I am glad Rebecca Harding was able to attend. Jeb was there as well. The SRS international delegates included Dr Steven Glassman and Dr Jon Dimar. Dr Glassman is the lead author of a famous paper stating that conservative management has no role in the treatment of adult scoliosis. I really know this paper and I really know the main review paper he quotes in his paper. The spine surgeon from Brisbane who 2.5 years ago at the Medtronic seminar gave one of the first talks. He once again ridiculed conservative management in this talk, maybe with less ridicule, or maybe I am just getting used to the message and the delivery. He did at least mention the Braist study confirming the efficacy of bracing in adolescent scoliosis. It seems that the surgeons are not entirely convinced that the compliance rates are that good. I think they are. But I still think that the brace systems available to the average patient in Australia is well below international standards. IF YOU ARE A PARENT READING THIS THEN YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO DEMAND THAT YOUR HEALTH DOLLARS ARE USED TO EDUCATE THE BRACING SPECIALISTS IN AUSTRALIA TO THE LEVEL OF THE WORLD LEADERS INTERNATIONALLY.   Your surgeon has travelled overseas to learn, let them send their bracing specialist overseas to learn too. Rebecca and I had a chat to a spine surgeon from Melbourne and I was very vocal in saying that it is preposterous to expect braced kids to not be able to take their brace on and off independently. Most public hospital braces are made with the opening at the back which requires the kids to have help to remove and put on the brace! Anyway, I approached Dr Glassman to enquire about some of the details of his study. He started straight up saying that there were weaknesses in the study with regard to the choice and delivery of some of the conservative management techniques. He then repeated the often repeated statement that there is no credible data on conservative management in the literature. He then asked, which surprised me, if I had heard of SOSORT and said that he will be at SOSORT in Germany in May. I said I will be there too. I didn’t say that I will be presenting a paper on sagittal balance at this conference but it will be quite daunting speaking in front of such an eminent individual. I found out later that Dr Glassman is the current president of the SRS and that is why he will be there. I think he was open to some treatment of scoliosis but is not sure what it should look like. I agree that we need to do more research. The other news is that I have been accepted into the PhD program at Sydney University. I am still finalizing the protocol with my supervisors but it will involve assessment, measurement and intervention of postural asymmetry. Next time to write will be on the plane to Germany!! Oh yes.. another Marathon down. I think it will be a long time before the next one.]]>

Larry is a highly skilled physiotherapist who specialises in treating back and neck pain, postural issues and scoliosis. He is certified in Schroth and SEAS methods and through the Egoscue University. Larry has a background in elite gymnastics and springboard diving and also has many years experience in endurance running and triathlons. His specialist knowledge and techniques have seen him appointed as a gymnastics coach and physiotherapist at both the Olympics Games and Special Olympics.

His passion and driving philosophy is about achieving the best outcomes for his patients utilising an amalgam of the latest techniques and theories while recognising there may sometimes be a need for invasive procedures. Where deemed appropriate Larry will then refer to a specialist. To further his holistic understanding and approach, Larry is currently undertaking a Ph.D. in Spinal Deformity and regularly attends and speaks at international conferences and courses and clinics.

Fun fact: Larry is learning how to surf - so be careful next time you go to the beach! Qualifications: B.Sc (Physiotherapy); M.Sc. (Exercise Physiology); Advanced Certificates in Schroth (BSPTS) and Egoscue (PAS) and SEAS Larry is Level II certified (advanced) in the conservative treatment of Scoliosis based on the Schroth method. The training was conducted by Dr Manuel Rigo of the Barcelona School at Scoliosis Rehab Inc in Wisconsin. He has completed his SEAS scoliosis treatment training at ISICO in Milan. Larry has also spent time working with Dr Rigo in the Barcelona clinic. Larry also has advanced certificates in shoulder treatment, posture alignment therapy and acupuncture.