Classes and Workshops

Posture and Movement Classes

Our Posture and Movement classes are low-intensity class and focuses on strength, flexibility and balance as well as improving range of movement and function to your body. These classes are taught by our experienced physiotherapists daily.

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Our Gentle Movement and Stretch class

Our Gentle Movement and Stretch class will  focus on targeted gentle stretching and strengthening as well as balance work, breath work, and mindfulness. Classes are suitable for beginners and all ages.

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Private classes

Are you recovering from an injury? Looking to improve your strength and flexibility? Or perhaps looking to refine your technique?

Each 30 minute class focuses on exercises, poses and movements that will help you gain strength, flexibility, balance, increased range of movement, and body awareness. If you are considering a private class we suggest you come in for a consultation with one of our physiotherapists first so we can tailor a class to your exact needs and goals.

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Free Community Workshops

We love educating our community through our free workshops we run throughout the year. Workshop topics are wide-ranging and include: back pain, bone health and osteoporosis, running technique, exercising with pain and injuries, pelvic floor health, posture and ergonomics, and spine health.

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