I had some very itense discussions with Steve Bunce who is the physiotherapy head of North Bristol hospital. Steve is involved as clinical advisor to a NHS project to try to set up a study like this. Prof Eric Parent of Alberta Canada is also trying to research this topic. However, and this is where a problem arises, it seems that scoliosis specific exercises need to be taught by expert therapists who not only have the theoretical knowledge, but also the practical experience and teaching abillity. I worry that the RCT programs will not have access to the quality of therapist to achieve a true outcome. Lindsay Dolan who is co-ordinating the very large BRAIST trial in America on bracing reported that the trial which was originally an RCT has changed as their patients want to choose their treatment options. The second ‘controversial topic’ was with Dr. B Stephen Richards who is the current head of the SRS. A series of cases were presented to the conference and Dr’s Richards and Negrini presented their management approaches.  There was strong agreement with all the cases presented. I think that it was quite a relief to see that the two organisations could work so easily on these cases.  I suspect that in a few years SRS and SOSORT will be even closer.   There was also a presentation from an Eastern European country on the use of bracing for early onset scoliosis. Quite a few of us in the audience were concerned that these children were not getting the correct treatment and the SOSORT advisory board will take up the case with the presenter. The last 2 days of the conference was devoted to the level 2 SEAS course. We spent this time with Micheli Romano and Alessandra Negrini who are the head physiotherapists of ISICO in Milan. I cannot say the that the educational component was very high but each participant was asked to present 2 cases for the group to discuss. Garikoitz Aristegui of Spain was very passionate about a method of treatment called global postural re-education (RPG) and how it can help with scoliosis.  Its amazing how things turn around. After completing my Egoscue training I spent some time exploring a technique of postural correction developed by Mersiers in France. This later became RPG through the work of another Frenchman named Souchard.  Anyway it was good to see someone blending techniques.  Gary was looking at some of my case photo’s and we immediately “clicked”  on how I was trying to integrate some of the Egoscue pelvic positioning techniques into Scoliosis treatment. I met another artist – Monica Vilegrasa in Dr Rigo’s head physiotherapist in Barcelona. She is a sculptor. She was explaining that their unit now has a 4 week scoliosis program for English speakers (in a group) which runs every July. Although we have treated heaps of patients on an individual level I still haven’t done groups yet….. I somehow sense another trip coming up.]]>

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Larry is a highly skilled physiotherapist who specialises in treating back and neck pain, postural issues and scoliosis. He is certified in Schroth and SEAS methods and through the Egoscue University. Larry has a background in elite gymnastics and springboard diving and also has many years experience in endurance running and triathlons. His specialist knowledge and techniques have seen him appointed as a gymnastics coach and physiotherapist at both the Olympics Games and Special Olympics.

His passion and driving philosophy is about achieving the best outcomes for his patients utilising an amalgam of the latest techniques and theories while recognising there may sometimes be a need for invasive procedures. Where deemed appropriate Larry will then refer to a specialist. To further his holistic understanding and approach, Larry is currently undertaking a Ph.D. in Spinal Deformity and regularly attends and speaks at international conferences and courses and clinics.

Fun fact: Larry is learning how to surf - so be careful next time you go to the beach! Qualifications: B.Sc (Physiotherapy); M.Sc. (Exercise Physiology); Advanced Certificates in Schroth (BSPTS) and Egoscue (PAS) and SEAS Larry is Level II certified (advanced) in the conservative treatment of Scoliosis based on the Schroth method. The training was conducted by Dr Manuel Rigo of the Barcelona School at Scoliosis Rehab Inc in Wisconsin. He has completed his SEAS scoliosis treatment training at ISICO in Milan. Larry has also spent time working with Dr Rigo in the Barcelona clinic. Larry also has advanced certificates in shoulder treatment, posture alignment therapy and acupuncture.