Getting on and off the floor is one of the most beneficial activities you can do on a daily basis to help improve your quality of life.

So many of us spend most of our days sitting or standing, so why not give our bodies a rest? Spend 2 minutes or more if you want, every day, simply lying on the floor and watch the benefits unfold.

Some of the benefits of getting on the floor:

• It allows your body to move out of its comfort zone of standing / sitting

• Gives your body time to lie down and relax, allowing your muscles to have a rest

• Gives your mind time to rest

• Allows relaxed breathing 

Scared of not being able to get up? 

When I ask my patients to get on the floor most of their reactions are “I’ll never be able to get up.” If that is your fear, make sure someone is around the first few times your try it or have adequate furniture around to help you get up (make sure if you have a chair / stool to help you, it is stable).
I am yet to have a patient that cannot get themselves back up off the floor after a bit of practice to shed their fear.
So why not give it a go, I promise you’ll feel better.

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Larry is a highly skilled physiotherapist who specialises in treating back and neck pain, postural issues and scoliosis. He is certified in Schroth and SEAS methods and through the Egoscue University. Larry has a background in elite gymnastics and springboard diving and also has many years experience in endurance running and triathlons. His specialist knowledge and techniques have seen him appointed as a gymnastics coach and physiotherapist at both the Olympics Games and Special Olympics.

His passion and driving philosophy is about achieving the best outcomes for his patients utilising an amalgam of the latest techniques and theories while recognising there may sometimes be a need for invasive procedures. Where deemed appropriate Larry will then refer to a specialist. To further his holistic understanding and approach, Larry is currently undertaking a Ph.D. in Spinal Deformity and regularly attends and speaks at international conferences and courses and clinics.

Fun fact: Larry is learning how to surf - so be careful next time you go to the beach! Qualifications: B.Sc (Physiotherapy); M.Sc. (Exercise Physiology); Advanced Certificates in Schroth (BSPTS) and Egoscue (PAS) and SEAS Larry is Level II certified (advanced) in the conservative treatment of Scoliosis based on the Schroth method. The training was conducted by Dr Manuel Rigo of the Barcelona School at Scoliosis Rehab Inc in Wisconsin. He has completed his SEAS scoliosis treatment training at ISICO in Milan. Larry has also spent time working with Dr Rigo in the Barcelona clinic. Larry also has advanced certificates in shoulder treatment, posture alignment therapy and acupuncture.