Back Pain

We specialise in relieving postural imbalances

Scoliosis, scheurmans kyphosicopy typingk pain issues (disc, facet, and stenosis).


Our team of physiotherapists are leading experts in this field.

The spine has many potential pain generators that may include bone, joint, tendon, muscles and nerves. No two patients’ back and/or neck pain is the same. Each structure may produce similar sensations which are generalized into an umbrella term of “back pain” and “neck pain”.

Pain may be localized to a specific area in the back and neck, or it could be referring into the head, shoulders and/or arm (for neck pain) or into the buttock and/or leg (for back pain).

The thoracic spine has the potential to refer pain around the ribs and into the chest wall. In addition, the sacroiliac joint (connection between the pelvis and spine) also has the potential to refer pain either locally and/or into the buttock and/or leg.

A consultation with our physiotherapists includes

  • Identify the cause of your symptoms through a comprehensive movement analysis
  • Provide symptomatic relief with various treatment techniques (including massage, manual therapy and exercise prescription)
  • Restore pain-free movement and develop optimal movement strategies to reduce the risk of re-injury.

Locked Up Joints

In some cases, the joints can give the impression that they are “locked up” and certain directions of movement can be very stiff, very painful or both stiff and painful. This joint stiffness can be transient with greater severity after periods of immobility, such as upon waking in the morning or after prolonged sitting or standing. Commonly, it is possible for your pain to limit your ability to stand up straight, to bend over, to look over your shoulder or to look down to the floor. Back and neck pain doesn’t always feel like classic pain, as you may feel that your back or neck gets tired with certain activities, such as walking or standing still. Additionally, you may experience pain when turning over in bed that could disturb your sleep; often preventing some much needed sleep in.

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