Posture and Movement Classes

About our Posture and Movement classes

 Posture and Movement classes are appropriate for all ages and abilities. The classes are low cardiac and respiratory intensity  but vary with regard to strength, flexibility and movement effort. The classes focus on gaining flexibility and range of movement, strengthening exercises, balance and restoring function to your body. We also integrate explanations and education about your body’s movement.
Classes are suitable for people with osteoporosis and osteopenia as the load bearing exercises are beneficial to increase and maintain bone density.
Classes run Monday, Wednesday and Friday and are taught by our experienced physiotherapists.

I have a significant injury, can I attend the class?

If you have a significant injury that you are concerned about we suggest you come in for a consultation with one of our physiotherapists prior to attending a class.

Gentle Movement and Stretch Class

Our Gentle Movement and Stretch Class will focus on targeted gentle stretching and strengthening as well as balance work, breath work, and mindfulness. Classes are suitable for beginners and all ages.


Private Classes

Classes tailored to you. If you have or have had an injury, your teacher will tailor specific beneficial poses and movements into your class. Our physios work together to create pain-free classes that are just right for you.


9am - 10amGentle Stretch & Movement
10.30-11.30amIntroduction to Posture & Movement
10.30-11.30amPosture & Movement
Posture & MovementPosture and Movement


Single class $33 10 class pass $330 + receive a free class!

All classes are 60min and private health rebates applicable