Posture Program

Spinal Alignment associated with bone density

Spinal alignment, especially stooping over posture, is associated with increased back pain, increased falls and reduced quality of life. 

UprightCare has developed a protocol for the assessment , treatment and monitoring of postural related issues and those associated with low bone density. The initial assessment consists of a comprehensive posture , balance and spinal mechanics assessment and the development of a specific and targeted exercise program. The exercise program is designed to be home based with minimal usage of equipment.

Initial Assessment

  • Clinical physiotherapy assessment including evaluation of spinal mechanics and back pain.
  • Posture assessment with our Diers Formetric posture evaluation machine
  • Force plate and functional balance assessment.
  • Where applicable, a review of bone density and discussion regarding medical treatment
  • Development of personalised exercise routine to improve posture and balance

For those patients that prefer, our clinic conducts daily posture, strengthening and osteoporosis classes to assist in the on-going treatment and management of posture and back and associated skeletal pain.


What happens in a DIERS Formetric Screening?

The Formetric machine  scans the body with light to create a 3D reconstruction of the spine enabling precise measurement of body posture  including stooping and scoliosis.



Scientifically validated approach

Published in the Journal “Spine Deformity” December 2021

Suggested treatment timeline

Although each case will be evaluated individually a suggested timeline may consist of 5 clinical visits.  The first visit will take approximately an hour and will, ideally,  be followed up 1-2 weeks later and then monthly and then quarterly with half hour visits.